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Do you want luxury at the lowest possible prices? If yes, we are here to serve you. You don’t need to worry about buying expensive cars if you don’t have the money. Rather, you can switch to take advantage of taking the hottest cars on rent.

First Choice Luxury Cars offers its customers the hottest cars they want to rent to fulfill their dream of driving luxurious vehicles. We offer luxury and exotic car rental in California. Besides offering vehicles, our full concierge group performs its best to fulfill your needs. A beachfront mansion alongside your exotic car - if that is what you are dreaming of, feel free to call us as we will provide you with luxury car rental options in California.



We are LA’S #1 Rated Exotic Rental Car company that thrives on offering many exotic car rentals at the lowest price possible. No need to break the bank to drive your dream car. Just choose the luxury car you want, pay its rent, show us the insurance proof, and you will be good to go.


Variety of Car Brands

Buying a luxury car comes with monotony as you have to drive the same car every time. But that is not the case when you choose to rent one. Rent an exotic car for a couple of days, drive it and let yourself know the nitty-gritty of the model. If you want to get a different model, choose another one and enjoy. It allows you to choose from innumerable options, rent them, and collect experiences with different cars every time. Now, this is called a true luxury, and that too at an affordable cost.

Best Rate Guarantee

First Choice Luxury Cars guarantees the best rate at which you can get the car and accomplish your desired need of driving the exotic and taking everyone by awe. We believe in matching the competitor’s price for comparable rentals. We provide the facility to our customers to get the choice of their rental at the lowest price possible. We match competitors' pricing!

Experience like no other

We offer our customers the absolute best customer service they can expect. We not only offer vehicles, but we are also a full-service concierge group. If you want, alongside your exotic car, a beachfront mansion, we can provide it! Please feel free to ask us about our exclusive luxury mansions!

Every day, we are focused and committed to being the best, most affordable, and most exciting exotic car Los Angeles rental company in the world. Additionally, exotic cars come with technology that makes it easy and safe to drive it. It gives you the options like adaptive cruise control, land keep assist, a head-up display, and more. All these things will make you ponder over why you didn’t think to get the car soon.

You cannot deny that the car you drive reflects much about your lifestyle, the choices you make, and ultimately your overall personality. So, isn’t it important to choose the brand or vehicle that is suitable to your everyday needs? Obviously, it is. And First Choice Luxury Cars make this dream true for many people. You can get the choice of your car on rent from us to fulfill the purpose you have and make your life luxurious.


Moreover, brands form the standard statement. And luxury car brands define comfort, quality, and contentment. These exclusive brands have been satisfying the needs of the customers for many years now. The car manufacturers of these car brands perfectly understand the perception of people on luxury. Getting an exotic car on rent establishes your unique identity among your peers. In addition, it adds meaning to your class and attitude. It is like royalty with loyalty. So, why not take one on rent and let yourself have an amazing experience?

Ranging from race to luxury cars, our car rentals are exotic, rare, and exclusive and demand the attention of everyone nearby. Whether you want the marvelous Mercedez, fantastic Ferrari, laudable Lamborghini, or ravishing Rolls Royce, we have it all. Our rental vehicles will definitely let you catch everyone’s eyes.

The personalized service at First Choice Luxury Cars is second to none. We make sure our customers and members are extremely happy with extraordinary vehicles and exceptional personalized 1-to-1 treatments. Our business hours are tailored around the customer experience, and we strive to keep the same level of excellence you got each and every time. Everything from the booking process to our chauffeur service is designed with your exclusive experience.


Everything ranging from the interior to the body of the luxury cars is excellent. You don’t just get the thrill of driving the car but also much more than that. Perks like better quality and increased safety are enough to convince you to think about this amazing experience. You don’t need to worry about the speed and performance of our exotic cars. There will be no traffic disturbances while driving the most luxurious cars. Your driving/riding experience is sure to be comfortable even when you are stuck in heavy traffic or are going through a deserted highway. So, get ready to have an awesome experience of driving the car with First Choice Luxury Cars. Choose the popular brands of cars from our site and let us know your requirements. We will fulfill your needs in the best way we can. Wait no more to experience driving an exotic car. Contact us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

24-hour rental prices range from $299 up to $19,999. This may vary based on the type of car you want to rent. For luxury and premium cars, the price could be more.

Lamborghini is one of the most popular rental cars in Los Angeles. Ferrari, Bentley and Mercedes also join the most popular luxury rental cars list.

If you want to rent a car in Los Angeles, you need to provide a current Driver's License and Credit Card.

Yes, you can book a one-way car rental in Los Angeles with First Choice Luxury Cars.